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Jaime Mendes

Jaime Mendes, Vice President of Operations, PenTeleData was born in Portugal and moved to the United States at age nine. A year later, he began working at a local music shop on Delaware Avenue in Palmerton, PA, gradually assuming more responsibility each year until he eventually managed the store and the day-to-day operations.

In 1992, at age twenty three, he began working for Blue Ridge Communications, providing technical assistance and customer support. In 1995, he assumed the responsibility of overseeing the Pencor Wireless enterprise and managing the Verizon Wireless agent program. When the Pencor Superstore opened in 1997, it did so with Jaime as the Store Manager.

At that same time, Jaime became the Manger of Palmerton Long Distance. His sales skills coupled with his hard work and dedication to customer service and satisfaction eventually led him to become the Chief Administrative Officer of PenTeleData in 2003, where he managed the Customer Service, Marketing, Billing and Sales Departments. In March 2014, he was named Vice President of Operations.

He currently serves as the Assistant Secretary for the Pencor Services, Inc. corporate boards for Palmerton Long Distance, Pencor Wireless, Blue Ridge Communications of New York, and Palmerton Telephone Company. He is also on the Board of Directors for Blue Mountain Health System, Bo Tkach Foundation, and Boy Scouts of America Minsi Trails Council.

Jaime and his wife Sharon reside in Palmerton and are the proud parents of five children, Dylan, Brooke, Owen, Ethan and Nina. They feel fortunate to have much of their extended family living in the nearby area, including Jaime's mother and nine siblings.